Friday, April 28, 2017

Week 17 for Paint Your Heart and Soul 2017 taught by Olga Furman

Week 17 -taught by Olga Furman

I used William Bougereau's painting Girl With Grapes for my inspiration.......followed the lesson and incorporated some of the same colors from the lesson and switched it up a bit......loved this lesson.......check the side bar for a link to Olga Furman's website and click on CLASSROOMS once there to get more information on this year-long wonderful course!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Recent artwork for Paint Your Heart and Soul 2017 and new course Petit Papillon - check sidebar for links

The first 3 are sketches I have done for Petit Papillon...a wonderful course taught by Olga Furman...having so much fun with these babies!

Lesson 1 - charcoal
 more of Lesson 1
 and more lol
The rest is an assortment of art I am either working on or have completed for Paint Your Heart and Soul 2017 - you can go to my Flickr page if you want more details..just wanting to also share here


Week 15

Week 16 - Roses and Leaves

Week 12 - Bear Medicine sculpture

Week 15 - layers of me

more of week 15

Friday, April 07, 2017

some more artwork from Paint Your Heart and Soul 2017 - BEST COURSE EVER!

This has been the best art course I think I have ever participated in. I am learning so much and so many different styles and being more creative.....LOVE LOVE LOVE can check it out by clicking on the link on my sidebar ...wonderful teachers and assignments!

Week 13 - taught by Katrina Koltes

Paint Your Heart and Soul 2017

Week 14 - working daily on color theory  - lesson assignments provided by Olga Furman


Week 14 - optional color theory lessons


Week 14- Paint Your Heart and Soul


Week 14 - Paint Your Heart and Soul 2017

did another butterfly girl

Paint Your Heart and Soult 2017

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Monday, March 13, 2017

some whimsies and more from Paint Your Heart and Soul 2017 art course

just a whimsy

Week 6 - Butterfly Dreams with Olga Furman..

Week 6 - Butterfly Dreams

Week 7 - Dreamy Abstract with Balia Zielinska (I plan to do this one again with a new technique I learned recently as no matter what I did here on this lesson I always got circles lol)

Week 7 Dreamy Abstract with Balia Zielinska

Week 7  -Dreamy Abstract with Basia Zielinska

Week 8 - There is a Way with Marie Ndolo

Week 8 with Marie Ndolo - on wood
on wood above

on paper below

Week 8 on paper

Week 9 - I'm Home with Danielle Mack

My week 9 - Danielle Mack.....well..I am not sure about the big butterfly I stuck in her looked too bare up there so there it will stay for now anyway. I hesitated again about this lesson for some reason ...along with week 10. I am still not 100% certain why specific lessons sort of make me hesitate or almost not want to do them......BUT.........I have also discovered...THOSE are the lessons I learn the most and end up loving the end results with whatever I create...maybe because it forces me to step a bit out of my comfort zone? Not certain about that either....but I am learning a lot with this course and am LOVING it all so much! LOVE learning different styles and techniques and becoming inspired to make my own creations with what I learn!

I also have to admit most of my creations have been little girls it seems or young girls and I seem to be working through a healing process of sorts.......bizarre isn't it? BUT that is what seems to be happening with the messages I seem to get with what I end up creating!

Week 9 with Danielle Mack

Week 10 - Creating your own OOAK with Galia Alena

my week 10 - Galia Alena - another lesson I hesitated on I explained in lesson 9 post.....some lessons I really run from for some reason....but those are the ones I push through and learn the most about me and what I like or don't like and how I can turn it around to still be creative..and I end up loving the final results better than the lessons I give into easily! I was and still am not a big fan of drips......BUT........I decided to use the drips to make her dress.......wanted it to be sort of like those drippy wine bottle candles you see...but acrylic paint does not build up like that unless you add glue or something to it ...anyway......I ended up smearing those drips a bit so added more up in her BIG HAIR...this model I used is a young girl who is such a soulful soul and has BIG hair her....anyway........there is a BIG MESSAGE in this creation....and it did not start out that way but came through to me as I worked on the girl. Rather than add more drips from the butterfly wings which actually WOULD have been great...I painted some on instead........not the same effect but........again...I actually LOVED making this creation and all I learned....and the final results.........extreme message for me and more healing. I originally thought about the girl holding a small birdcage with a key to have let the bird free....but got the message loud and clear the girl should be the one stuck in the birdcage and being given an opportunity to wake up and be the bird brings HER the key to open the locked cage door to let her out....anyway............deep stuff at least for me and it always blows me away when that sort of thing happens. I like creating and art I think the most because of that can really express emotions and allow incredible statements to be made for others too and healing 

Week 10 with Galia Alena

A left-handed whimsy (though I did do the details with my right hand)

left-handed whimsy

another whimsy